cliffLAND plans to enrich your visit. Most visitors take a leisurely hike to the top of Blueberry Mountain where they spend some time taking in the wonderful vistas. As rewarding as this is, we believe a nature walk has even more to offer. Places to sit quietly allowing nature to wash over your senses.

We have begun to place handcrafted cedar benches created by Chad to blend nicely into a wilderness setting – one near the Circle of Gratitude, one at the waterfall, and two at the summit of Blueberry.

We previously noted an occasional person, likely lacking the physical ability to hike to Blueberry, stay in the car while the rest of the family made their way to Blueberry. To address this the bench at the Circle of Gratitude is less than 400 metres from the parking lot. It offers a pleasant nature experience. Jean and I often spend time there listening to the singing of birds and enjoying the infusion of wildflowers in the meadow.

The waterfall offers another face of nature. Surrounded by a few old growth poplars, beautiful hemlocks and seasonally a robust waterfall. Only a minute from the trail, it is a wonderful spot to immerse your senses in the sound of water, birds, and rich aroma emitted by trees.

We plan to add another bench at the waterfall and a couple more at the top of Blueberry and a few more to be located at strategic places chosen for their uniqueness in what nature has to offer – different experiences to nourish our souls.

It is not uncommon, especially during week days, to not see another person for hours on end. Occasionally, early morning visitors come to witness the sunrise or a glorious sunset in the evening – having the place to themselves.

It is our experience that sitting in silence is a marvelous way to see a myriad of wildlife and to have nature reveal itself in deeper levels.

There is a special place we have named “Artist Cove” – a short circular trail – a hidden oasis awaits just a couple of minutes from the main trail. It offers a great view of the Blueberry Mountain Ridge, a marsh, a beaver pond and two beautiful, moss-covered erratics. A wonderful escape for journaling, artists, meditative activities and observing wildlife. It is also a secluded spot for small group outings – special events – presentations. It is ideal for small groups during times of pandemics. We plan to have about 6 benches spaced at least two metres apart, but still retaining the characteristics of an intimate setting.

To help cover the costs cliffLAND is offering a unique opportunity to participate. A person may purchase any of the benches currently on the trail or reserve a spot for a bench on any of the proposed sites to remain there as long as the owner chooses and the bench remains serviceable. The price is $500 – includes the bench, a plaque with any name the purchaser chooses to honour, and a $50 donation Chad will make to the MMLT.

Chad is also taking orders for those wishing to buy a bench for their backyard or cottage property. For further information you can contact Chad by email [email protected] or by phone 613-200-1243.