Planning a Visit

There is no charge to hike on the cliffLAND property.

The distance to the summit of Blueberry Mountain and back is approximately 5 kilometres. It takes about 45 minutes at a leisurely pace to reach the top and about 35 minutes to return. There are signs at each trail junction providing direction to Blueberry Mountain.

Hikers are welcome to take a self-guided walk to Blueberry Mountain only. There are other trails on the property that are available by guided hike, please arrange in advance.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • jclifford-00030Permission to hike the trail is granted by reading, completing, and signing a Liability of Waiver form.
  • Visitors’ dogs are welcome. They must be kept on leash and waste picked up and removed.
  • Please stay on the trail.
  • Do not pick wildflowers, mushrooms, or plants.
  • Fires are not permitted, unless authorized.