Circle of Gratitude

For some time our family wanted to find a meaningful way to express our gratitude to the supporters of the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust (MMLT). Hence the Circle of Gratitude, placed in a beautiful and inviting spot not far from the trailhead.

Each time a visitor expresses appreciation for cliffLAND my heart soars. For I am reminded that this spot so loved by our family will always be here. Not just for us and current visitors but for generations to come. MMLT and their dedicated supporters have made it happen just as they have made it happen for several other magnificent wilderness places. They are committed to make it happen for many more.

Our family has chosen the Circle as one of the ways to express our gratitude. However the “Circle” means much more than this. We know the donors are not looking for recognition. There is a bond, a special affinity that strangely exists among those who share a special place in their hearts for nature.

When we read the names of those placed on the four posts we know we want our name to be there as well. Not because we are donors, but because we identify with them and count it a privilege to be associated with this fraternity of individuals who want the incomparable gift of nature to be our shared legacy – a gift that lives on, century after century – a blessing to so many.

The Circle of Gratitude has four posts.


SUSTAINER’S CIRCLE – It is also true that without a viable, financially healthy organization, the burden of protecting properties forever would not be possible. To help sustain MMLT they commit to an annual donation of at least $1000 for a minimum of three years. Their names are permanently honoured.

LAND DONORS are those who place their properties (by donation or by Conservation Easement) under the protection forever of MMLT. Without these willing donors there would be no land to protect.


MONTHLY GIVERS – Being able to count on the security of automatic monthly donations makes such a difference in MMLT’s pursuit of bringing additional special properties into protection.

The Evergreen Circle are current supporters contributing $10 or more monthly and also includes those who make an annual contributions of $250 or more.



COMMEMORATIVE – What better way to honour loved ones – what greater tribute to their lives could one make than placing their names along side those who ensure that nature is forever protected.

SPECIAL GIFT – For many of our friends a contribution to MMLT to honour a special occasion in their lives is a wonderful expression of love.

When a gift of $100 in memory of a loved one or as a special occasion gift is received, MMLT will notify the family or the friend of the gift and their name will be placed for a year on this post.


Pets Love Nature Memorials

Wildlife is a cherished part of nature. It would hardly be considered nature without wildlife. However we know that our pets love nature as well and so often share our nature outings. It is often said they become part of the family. It is a wonderful tribute to their memory to have nature protected in their name. For a gift of $100 their name will be added.

For additional information contact Howard Clifford, telephone: 613-259-3412 or email: [email protected]

Highlights from the Circle of Gratitude Ceremony, October 14, 2023