A Celebration of the Life of John Muir on Blueberry Mountain

"John Muir"

Howard as “John Muir”

MMLT is hosting its annual Spring Walk to Blueberry Mountain on May 10, 2015.  We take delight and count it a privilege to dedicate this year’s walk to John Muir, considered by many to be the foremost naturalist of the past century.  This year marks the 100th anniversary of his death.  His life story continues to inspire and he has become the unofficial patron to cliffLAND.

Come and hear some of his stories about how his nature experiences became so internalized into the fabric of his personality that when he spoke many felt he was the voice of nature.  Though he was far ahead of his own time, his voice is still in the forefront, calling us to greater aspirations, greater dreams.

You may be surprised how directly he speaks to today`s societal issues and to our individual and personal challenges. The issues may appear very different but at the most fundamental core level of the human condition nothing has changed.

Who of us have never:

  • Felt depressed, anxious, had unresolved anger, or feared losing control of our life?
  • Felt that our work and personal life entrapped us into a web of artificiality, devoid of authentic purpose or meaning?
  • Allowed our fears to interfere with opportunities to follow our dreams?
  • Worried that we may come to the end of our days and realize we have never really lived?
  • Struggled with conflicts between love of material things and the things that nourish our souls – with living vibrantly in the world without succumbing to it.
  • Wondered how to balance preserving the beauty and healing forces of nature and the utilitarian need to use nature`s resources to accommodate an ever growing population.         

John Muir faced these issues and more – head on.  What makes Muir such a powerful influence was his ability to combine science and his intellectual giftedness with an unsurpassed deep, extended immersion in nature experiences.  The synergy between the intellect, the emotional, and spiritual perspectives arising out of these experiences made for a profound authentic voice, rarely encountered.

Blueberry Mountain is located near Flower Station in Lanark Highlands. Click on the link for directions to cliffLAND. Registration is at 9:30 and the Nature Walk starts sharply at 10 am.  `John Muir` will appear at 11:15 at the top of Blueberry Mountain, weather permitting.  If the weather is not cooperative he will appear in the in-door classroom at 12:15. Bring along your lunch to enjoy in this beautiful spot.  Desserts, tea and coffee will be served.  The entrance fee is a $10 donation to the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust. Entrance for children under 12 is free. For more information, please contact Howard or Jean Clifford at 613-259-3412.

(submitted by MMLT)