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  1. J'ai posé mes bougies au milieu de la tableJ'ai couronné de roses encercler la rondeurJ'ai enfilé des perles pour emperler nos coeursEn faisant tout cela, j'ai bien pensé à toi …Mathilde !

  2. I’m feeling better than ever about being a Laker fan.Even the three ring circus that was 2004 looks pretty civilized compared to the LBJ/ESPN fiasco. Even the “are you kidding me?” trashing of Mitch and Bynum by Kobe seems almost gentlemanly by comparison to LeBron’s displays of ultra narcissism.I hope the Heat make the Finals next year, because I have a crazy hunch the Lakers will be there, too.

  3. The homestead act does not change regardless of whether you refinance- I work in the mortgage business & just refinanced my home in Sept. to a lower rate. I didn't want cash out- I just wanted a lower payment which I got- rates are in the 5's now for FHA- probably worth you doing. Just get the #s & make the decision then- usually if you can save 1% it's worth doing.

  4. We noticed your Website Coming Soon message is still displayed after 2 years. If you would like assistance with a website redesign, please consider http://cloudwire.ca which can provide you with a Responsive Design and a CMS to add and update webpages.

  5. why in the opening of the chrome, I opened a page where I stopped, though such an option in the settings is not nesyscare. and if you close and reopen chrome and have opened a set of pages. and the scrollbar is not visible.

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