This page is dedicated to various publications written by Howard Clifford for the intend to share with those who are interested.


A protected land of unspeakable beauty – larger than some provinces and states.  A place where landscapes will no longer be disfigured, waterways made toxic, or air quality made impure by humans.  A place so large that the voices of the land – the voices of wildlife are not silenced – where wildlife has room to spread and be true to its wildness.  A place where wilderness provides succour to humans desperately needing what nature can do for their souls. 

This story speaks to four separate journeys into the Nahanni country. One journey by kayak and one by jet-boat over 50 years ago  – the era before a National Park, a roadless wilderness.  On the third journey Howard became the first cyclist to travel the recently opened dirt highway from Fort Nelson to Fort Simpson.  The fourth journey notes the changes via car, camping in a small Honda Fit – perhaps the first ‘Fit to do so.

While reliving their wilderness adventures, Clifford introduces the early pioneers he and his wife Jean met, as well as others they did not, but whose lives are interwoven into the heritage of Nahanni Lands.  What a heritage it is! 

A gift to the Clifford grandchildren, this book will be enjoyed by a larger audience sharing a compassion for wilderness.  Released as a free e-book in celebration of 60 years of marriage (August 22).  

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